Friday, February 19, 2010

Cabin Fever!!!!!

You can't beat being at the cabin and just hanging out having fun. We had a blast going down the sled hill and snowmachining. It was hilarious on one of the times Bailee went down the sled hill and took out April at the end. Ha ha ha!!! I couldn't stop laughing for the longest time. She said she stepped on the sled to stop it so Bailee wouldn't keep going up the hill, but really Bailee totally took her out. HA you can see it in the video clip I uploaded. Oh man LOL!!!!!

Burgess, April, Gavin, and Miss Livie. Thanks so much guys for coming and having fun with us!

Max, Lacie, and Bailee Boo. We have been trying to get more pictures of us with Bailee because we haven't been doing good so far, so here's our start.

Auntie April with Bailee. Bailee wuvs her Auntie!!!

Valentines Day

Valentines Day was great started off by giving Max a couples massage for each other and than had a few others things including balloons that Bailee is obsessed with. She carries them around everywhere. She won't let me throw them away. She cries everytime they go near the garbage can. For dinner we went over to my inlaws and they gave us some valentines and Bailee was overly joyed with the bath bubbles Grandma Mindy and Grandpa Ron gave to her.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's official

Well I finally gave in and started a blog. Yahoo!!!! So my sister April came over today and helped me out since she is THEE blogging queen. Ha! Don't hate me, I love you! So I didn't even think that my sister was coming over since my sweet little niece Olivia had to go to the doctor today because of her ear infection, Bailee knows how you feel. She has an ear infection to, but one hour later with very loud knocking at the door, maybe the knocking seemed really loud since I was taking a nap which I very rarely get to do and was only 5 minutes into it. Oh man I wanted that nap, but yes April you made up for it by coming and visiting me!!!

Fun in the sun!!!

Miss Bailee